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Niwaduwatath නිවාඩුවටත් – WAYO Brick House Sessions (July 2019)

Released on the 1st of July, here’s Wayo’s take of that classic bySangeeth Wijesuriya – Niwaduwatath.

New Music : Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns n’ Roses (Violin Cover) Mad Violinist Ft Andrew Obeyesekere

Here’s an all new take of Sweet Child O Mine like you’ve never heard by Shanela De Livera Algama aka Mad Violinist & Andrew Obeyesekere.

Christian Q & Shokstix: Lorde – Team (remix)

While this may seem a little late, it still is a brilliant remix of the instaclassic that came out a few years ago. Its up for free download too it