Iraj & Sean Kingston Ft. Sonu Kakkar , Bohemia & Indira Joshi – U n Me ( Official Trailer )

With the single release alone one and a half years ago, Iraj solidified himself as the King Of South Asian Hip Hop and with the global reach he’s had on this and the single releases after that just proves that is the biggest hip hop/rap album to come out of the island. The video really, is cherry.


What more can we say except, Good Job Team Iraj! Word has it that this might drop in a month’s time and also it will be a version you might have not heard just yet that features  Neo, Kaizer Kaiz & Indira Joshi.

In an exclusive chat with Priyanga Ranasinghe (co director), we’ve gotten to know that Nilan Cooray directed the mini movie of a music video and there are some shots from home that have never been seen before, he revealed. Here are some names have to be mentioned for their stellar contribution  – Dinuka Madushan (Vfx artist) & Indula Jayasekara (3d animator ).



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