Get To Know Mirantha Jayathilaka

Get To Know Mirantha Jayathilaka

Rewind a few years ago to when you would have heard his debut original “A World Of My Own” on TNL’s Criminal Records Most Wanted & The YES Home Grown Top 15

l> I>  now and you probably know him now for his take of “Tenerife Sea” and it being a hit on Sri Lanka’s Number 1 For Home Grown Music – YES101!

How about getting to know this awesome singer/songwriter who is not related to Anuradha Jayathilaka but most people think he is for some reason.


DecibelLK: Tell us about you – the singer/songwriter & human

MJ: I’m Mirantha Jayathilaka. pretty much a loner as a child. Grew up with the guitar and made it my self expression.

DecibelLK: what influences you?

MJ: Creativity and my wanting to share it with others influences me

DecibelLK: Judging from your 2 singles ,you do come across as someone who is about dreamy singer songwriter stuff… Are you?
MJ:  True, I have done a lot of dreamy pieces but I do write and express on other aspects as well, probably heard best in my Sinhala compositions example my recent effort ‘Game of Hearts’

DecibelLK: You’ve never performed live why?

MJ: Haha. Time would be the biggest reason since I was involved in other things than music.  I’ve settled a bit down now and seriously looking forward to performing live. Soon!

DecibelLK: Who do you dig from the home music scene ?

MJ: B&S and from my hometown Chinthy 😀

DecibelLK: Care to spill a few fun things we don’t know about you?

MJ: Haha fun stuff? Well I’m also into theater and Acting. grin emoticon

DecibelLK:What do you think Lacks in the home music scene?

MJ: Originality! Authenticity! I like to see more of that in the home music scene. Artists being brave enough not to go along trends but to do something new.

DecibelLK: A few names from home you’d like to work with
MJ: Viresh Cooray  & Chinthy.
DecibelLK: got new music?
MJ: I did a song called ‘Game of Hearts’ dedicated to Sri Lankan Cricket. That was the most recent.

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