Exclusive : Grindcore Act From India, Nauseate To Celebrate Their 10 Year Anniversary With A Massive Smash!

Exclusive : Grindcore Act From India, Nauseate To Celebrate Their 10 Year Anniversary With A Massive Smash!

Article by Tejas Mundhada

If you are a person that likes to break things, kick piles n piles of punching bags, grab someone and keep on punching till they die of bleeding or a broken skull (strictly not a serial killer), you should definitely listen to Nauseate. A Bangalore (India) based Mince/Grindcore band that turns 10 this year, is all set to launch their latest album “Tales of Groaning Existence” of which 10 promo tracks have already been released. The official release date is set on the 18th of December and it will be thru Grindhead Records.

The band has got perfect rationalized vocals and the ugly snare tone which is not so relevant to that of grind, but you get your vein pumping heavily. Trust me, coz I am listening to their tracks right now while writing this and I bet if any of you would have been in front of me, I would have pulled you in the pit and there would have been blooood!

These boys from Bangalore have performed alongside Napalm Death and Vader, while also putting themselves ‘in the talks’ when they performed in numerous cities across India. Starting in 2010 and with multiple lineup changes, Nauseate is finally (not so) resting with Charlie on Vocals, Faizan handling both Guitars & Bass and Karthik JP on the Drum duties.   
“Tales of Groaning Existence consists of 32 raw Mince/Grind songs in vein of Agathocles, Rot, Unholy Grave, and Warsore. The songs are about daily life, hate, hypocrisy, arrogance and anarchy.” Says Charles, from Nauseate.

Nauseate has got two previous releases, having their tracks alongside Camophora Monobromota, Archagathus and Agathocles on two separate split albums.

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