Decibel Exclusive : Thuuryaa (SL’s First All Female Drum Ensemble)

Decibel Exclusive : Thuuryaa (SL’s First All Female Drum Ensemble)

Everyone’s seen Naadro, Elephant Foot and various other percussion/drum groups but we doubt anyone has seen our island’s first all female drum ensemble take stage proper. From what we know, they’ve been around for quite a while (2010) and December witnesses their first ever grand public show, which will be held at the Nelum Pokuna.

We caught up with Sitara for a quick Q & A before their big show. 

DecibelLk: The Intro

DecibelLK : About The Start

DecibelLk : How Would You Describe Your Group’s Sound?

DecibelLK :  Who Is Your Group Inspired By 

DecibelLk : What Were Some Of The Challenges Faced By Your Group? 

DecibelLK :  What Can People Expect @ Thuuryaa’s First Big Live Show? 

DecibelLk : Anyone You’d Like To Thank? 

Here’s a sliver before the big day 

Click here to know more about the show 

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