Decibel Exclusive : The Pyramids

Decibel Exclusive : The Pyramids

The Pyramids are a cover band that started off not too long ago and the recent past saw them drop their debut single in Sinhala ‘Api Wenas’. We caught up with Isitha for a chat on the band and on their viral hit.

DecibelLk: Let’s get to know the band and the story before anything

Isitha: Previously 4 of us were members of a different band (myself, Kasun, Eshan and Pramuk). Our focus was more towards playing our day to day contracts and the events we got.

There was that one moment we 4 started thinking and taking about stuff based on the surroundings and the progressions of our friendly musicians in the same generation ex: Daddy, Doctor, Sanuka, Etc.

We found that we are lacking something we have our own sound, our own facilities most importantly our skills but no product to showcase our selves. So thats why we started off with a new name called “Pyramids” and for our own luck we found a great bassist called Yasith Kodithuwakku.

Now we are like a family. We work together, We think together, we laugh together, we fight together, and most importantly We Perform together.

DecibelLk: Influences?

Isitha: We do have lot of influences, internationally and locally both. Internationally, it’s bands like TOTO, The Eagles, Dream Theater, Guns and Roses etc.

Locally, it is obvious that we love The Gypsies , Misty , Marians, Wayo, Daddy and solo artists like Raj Senevirathna, Chitral Somapala and more.

Influences play a bigger role in creating our own music and performances.

DecibelLk: Band members, name em =D

Isitha: Here goes,

Pramuk Elica (Elica) on the vocals

Isitha Fernando (isi) on Guitars

Eshan de Jacqueline Senavirathna (Jacky) on Synthesisers

Yasith Kodithuwakku (Yasi) on bass

Kasun Shamira (Kitty) on Drums

DecibelLk: Why “Pyramids” as the band name?

Isitha: It was a random name at first when we were asking for suggestions.

Pramuk suggested ‘The Pyramids’ and everyone was like, why not? That’s easy to pronounce & remember.

Despite being random at first, I think the name has a deep meaning. All the corners have to be equal to reach the top, with a perfect shape. We always trying to keep our corners on the same value. That’s the secret of a perfect shape.

DecibelLk: Tell us about your band’s debut original ‘Api Wenas’

Isitha: ‘Api Wenas’ is a production we did almost an year back. We had this desire towards becoming producers for a long time, but at the same time it was a huge challenge, since it was an investment of time & money to up ourselves to a level inside the current music scene.

Finally, after quite a few months we achieved this goal. The audio & video production was done at our own studio called Chill House (Owned by me).  ‘Api Wenas’ is our first song, it’s totally ours and we are proud about it.

DecibelLk: This is a very interesting debut single for a band, what’s with the lyrics?

Isitha: We never thought of something complicated as our debut. We just focused on what’s happening around us. Basically the hot topics, like how our media industry is collapsing, how people make decisions based only the money factor other education and core values.

We wanted to say a bigger message for all by using humor and baila

DecibelLk: What’s the Sinhala cover band scene like?

Isitha: We are always proud to say that we have many good friends inside the band scene, that’s the strength we have.

When we talk about the home cover band scene, we still think that we need quite a lot of systematical improvements, Eg. Recognizing it as a job as any other industry in the island.

But we hope we can make it to the next level with all the new talent and knowledge; It’s always cool to be a part of the band arena.

DecibelLk: What’s next?

Isitha: We have already started on our second production. It will also be based on a hot topic and a message. As routine though, we will be performing at weddings, events, concerts and you can contact us anytime for those.

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