Decibel Exclusive : Team Bellissima

Decibel Exclusive : Team Bellissima

So what happens when a guitar maestro meets a master chef? 

The end result is usually really, really good food or in this case delicious desserts you cannot find anywhere cuz yeah, its that rare. We had the chance to catch up with two names that have generated quite a buzz on social media with unique to them sweet treats..Ladies & Gentlemen : Andrew Obeysekara (stigmata) & Dush Ratnayake (master chef man) aka Team Bellissima!

DecibelLk: The Bellissima Story 

DecibelLk: How Did The Master Guitarist & Chef Collaba Happen?

DecibelLK: How Would You Describe Your Desserts?

DecibelLk: 3 Ingredients You’d Always Find In A Bellissima Dessert?

DecibelLk: Best Sellers So Far? 

DecibelLk: The Chefs Honest Taste Test  (yes, they do get super honest with two of their picks from the Bellissima Fridge @ The Avirate Cafe)

DecibelLk: Yazmin tries out Bellissima (for funsies)

 Try out Bellissima’s awesome, unique to them variety at Avirate Cafe, Colombo 07

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