Decibel Exclusive : Nichola Scrutton

Decibel Exclusive : Nichola Scrutton

There’s only one more day before you get to check out one of the coolest art dates in this year’s calander at Hikkaduwa (moving out) and it’s not only the visual arts you are in for. There’s going to be a special sonic art segment by Nichola and before the big day, get to know this creative mind.

DecibelLk : About You?

DecibelLk : What Do You Plan On Doing @ The Exhibition?

DecibelLk : How Inspired Are You By The Rich Soundscapes Of Sri Lanka?

DecibelLk : How Would You Like To Describe Your Creative Style?

DecibelLk : Would You Like To Collaborate With Lankan Artists?

DecibelLk : That Shoutout

To know more about Nichola’s work click here

Photo source :People | Sonic Bothy

Note: This interview is powered by the Yamaha Music Center / smartLav+ (Rode Mics) : making your interviews sound professional by quality & specific audio capture which a regular smartphone cannot capture 100% properly due to external noise.

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