Decibel Exclusive : Binary Cola

Decibel Exclusive : Binary Cola

Binary Cola has been around for a while and what strikes as pretty unique is their creative A & V output. Experimental, electronic music with that undeniable retro touch. Get to know them in this exclusive interview with Dylan, who is one part of the duo. 

DecibelLk: About Your Project?

Dylan: We were driving through Melbourne, in the middle of the night, listening to Daft Punk and basically we thought hey “Why don’t we try music”,”Why don’t we try composing music”. It’s not like we can get it right the first time but at least we can try and we can try harder, and try and compose music that’s new and fresh, that has some of the old, but is mainly something organic, something fresh and something new to the ear. And that’s how we started, and that’s how our project came to be. Basically we are an Organic Retrowave band.

DecibelLk: Influences?

Dylan: Our number one influence has to be Daft Punk, because they too are a duo and they don’t show themselves in public. That’s something we too as a group hope to uphold, because we just want to be about the music. We are also massive fans of the composer Giorgio Moroder and the composer John Carpenter, for the music they composed in the 80’s. Another influence has to be Brian Eno, his compositions have influenced me and I’m sure my cousin too. Another influence would have to be classical composers like Beethoven. Some more influences would have to be guys like the Talking Heads, they made some really funky music in the eighties and we try emulate that. I know that my cousin likes Drake’s instrumentals, they have kinda interesting sonic loops. Personally my biggest influence is Tupac, mainly because he was an artist that put himself out there regardless of what others thought. One of our bigger subconscious influences is Macklemore. Because he is the model of an independent artist, and as independent artists ourselves we want to make music through independent channels. We want to make music, and music videos that we created, we don’t want the meddling of outside producers in our work. Also before I forget, some of our more pronounced influences are the 80’s video games like Super Mario, Sonic and Zelda for the sonic landscapes they created and allowed players to escape into.

DecibelLk: Why The Name?

Dylan: “Binary Cola” is something we came up with because, in the binary code there is a 1 and a 0. We were thinking in our situation the “one” would have to be my cousin, because he composes the music and I make the corresponding music videos, and because I contribute zero to the music’s creation I take the part of “zero”, and like the group Daft Punk those are our musical identities. It’s not the most exciting introduction but it was a logical one, something we could live with.

DecibelLk: How Would You Describe It?

Dylan: Basically its 80’s inspired electronic music, so in a way it can be called or classified as Retrowave. It’s inspired heavily by the videogames from the 80’s and 90’s. They are pretty much soundscapes, ones that you can listen to and escape into. These are organic compositions, though they are composed through mechanical means. That’s why I’d describe his music as “Organic Retrowave”.

DecibelLk: Equipment You Guys Use?

Dylan: I’d have to ask my cousin for specifics, but it’s pretty much a standard garage band setup. I find it more interesting to think of what is used its how we approach it. Some our 80’s synths themselves bought through Ebay and made to work through the computer, that much I know and can attest to. This is actually my cousin’s forte, I can’t answer for him, but this much I can reveal as what he’s told me about how he puts it all together.

DecibelLk: Future Plans?

Dylan: We are doing this mainly as a creative expression, and I will be releasing the future music videos through Facebook and Vimeo, And my cousin will be releasing his music through Soundcloud. We are working on our first EP, which we have titled “Dream State”.

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