Decibel Exclusive : Akash On EIDETIC Making It To The SDCC & More!

Decibel Exclusive : Akash On EIDETIC Making It To The SDCC & More!

You would have seen the shares on possibly every social media network about the BIG news! That a movie by a small team from little ol Lanka getting selected not only to be screened at one of the world’s largest Comic Con’s but also to be a part of a Q & A panel. The movie is also competing with other international films under the Best Action/Adventure Film category at the SDCC’s Independent Film Festival which we think is pretty cool. 

Speaking to us exclusively is Akash Sk, one of the brains behind the movie.

DecibelLK: How excited are you and your team since you get to rep Lanka at SDCC? 

Akash SK: Over-the-roof excited I’d say! I had to do a double-take when I saw the confirmation email and none of my friends or family initially believed it. But yeah, it’s been several days and we’re still freaking out sometimes! Its San Diego Comic-Con! And this is the first time Sri Lankan filmmakers have been invited to have a screening plus QnA panel so must say, this is a real honor.

DecibelLK: When is the event and how close are you to making it there with your team?

Akash SK: SDCC takes place from 19th to 23rd July and our film gets screened on the 21st. As of now we’ve applied for Visa but we’re still short of funds. Four members of the team are planning to make it to San Diego and since we’re flying during summer, everything from plane tickets to lodging is really expensive. We’ve just launched a crowdfunding campaign so I’d say we’re still nowhere really.

DecibelLk: When is the deadline for the crowdfunding campaign?

Akash SK: 21st of June. We’re trying to reach our goal before the visa interview dates.

DecibelLk: Will the movie be screened in Lanka?

Akash SK: Well, that’s a good question. EIDETIC has been released for quite some time and the only public screening we had was the premiere but even that was quite hush hush. Now that SDCC is happening and the Geek Club of Sri Lanka has been helping us get to San Diego, we’re actually thinking of screening it at The 2017 Lanka Comic Con. Hopefully we might also release something new there!

Want to help Akash and his team make it to SDCC? Click here to make it happen Sri Lanka!



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