Corrine Almeida Presents: Memory Lane

Corrine Almeida Presents: Memory Lane

There’s always something indescribable when 2 amazingly talented individuals take stage and this by the looks of it, is gonna be another great show that ain’t to be missed cuz of that very reason. Corrine &, this is gonna be good!

When I was growing up I listened to songs that told stories, words that inspired feelings and voices that gave me the desire to sing. We’ve come a long way since then, no doubt – the world has changed, music, songs and the way they are sung have changed. I’ve heard it said that the songs we sang as carefree children and shy teenagers will soon be forgotten, and who knows, maybe they will. But before that happens I’d like to invite you to an evening of remembering. Come take a walk with me, this Mother’s Day, down Memory Lane.” 

– Corrine Almeida


“We love the stage, my mother and I, albeit for different reasons. She loves to sing. I love to act. But once in a while she invites me into her world where the music is familiar and our voices make perfect harmony. It’s been 12 years since we last sang together and I’m honored to share the stage with her once more, 12 years later, on Mother’s Day. Join me and the beautiful Corrine Almeida on the 11th of May, 7pm, at the Hilton Colombo Ballroom, as we journey down Memory Lane.” – Brandon Ingram

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