Circus Cult: The Freak Show

Circus Cult: The Freak Show

We love this track by a strictly Rock N Roll Band that’s been around for a little more than 4 years and its a breath of fresh air at a time when there’s a ton of rap n edm coming out.

Also featured on the track is Sherry (Whiteline/Fourplay)

Further reading (source The Daily Mirror/Reihan Stephen)

DM: Tell us about your new single?

Bernard: The new single was a riff project that we’ve been trying to put together but we couldn’t find the glue, but then we met “DJ P.H.A.T” and low and behold it was transformed into a Track, Scheherazade was the lyricist and everything fell in line!!!

DM: Where did the inspiration for the music and lyrics come from?

Bernard: The song is about seeing Circus Cult perform live for the first time through the eyes of an individual who has never been expose to a world outside his or hers conservative upbringing . We have always pushed our self to do things differently as performers, composers and artists and hence when someone looks from the outside they see a Freak Show.
DM: Are you guys doing a video for it as well??

Bernard: Well yes, but it won’t be the conventional music video that every artist does. It will be different and will give an inside view of what Circus Cult is off stage


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