Bordermovement Lounge | Live Sessions

Bordermovement Lounge | Live Sessions

This is gonna be another pretty good Friday in Colombo as these are a few names that are immensely talented and our words do no justice cuz their art is priceless! find all that sonic goodness easily on soundcloud or  music platform they’re on.

Here’s a few darn good reasons why you should make it apart from the stellar line-up…

After spending more than a decade producing on his PC, Kandy’s pioneer of chill/ambient/trip hop/lo-fi is finally gonna be playing live and from what we know, he’s been preparing his set for the last 2 months.

Flippy: this tech house producer is underrated and it was only last year that his singles “Koha” & “Galle” got radio exposure. Find him and Curio playing a special set this March

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