Basix Music Production Workshop For Beginners (Ableton Live)

Basix Music Production Workshop For Beginners (Ableton Live)

This is another free workshop for aspiring producers who’d like to learn the basics of Ableton Live. This as far as we know would be at the Dj Academy sometime in the future but for now, do send in your details and links to anything you have possibly done in the recent past to or call on 0777-2922-17 for clarifications.


*****All the best! hope you get into the 20! Did we tell you that you’ve got time til the 27th only?

We’ve been told that all seats have been filled, however they are taking in names for the next session which is to be held at a date sooner than you think!

rantha 2

“This (elective) workshop provides the necessary background for students with little to no experience in computer-based production and recording. A comprehensive overview of Ableton’s live audio and MIDI sequencing software and the techniques required to compose, record, and edit music, in real time, on stage, or in the studio. The course includes tutorials on compiling live sets from audio and MIDI clips, loops, or samples, applying MIDI effects, warping audio, and recording and producing songs in any number of contemporary styles The workshop will initially establish a working knowledge of many of Ableton’s core performance tools including warping, looping, clip management, effects and DJ set layout. Participants will receive comprehensive training on Live’s various modes, components, parameters, and capabilities, as well as, how this can be used in conjunction with other professional audio applications and other third party tools.”

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