Bad To The Bone : Here’s What You Missed

Bad To The Bone : Here’s What You Missed

It’s not everyday that you get two spend on two awesome things at the same time – supporting the very cool people of Adopt A Dog to do what they do & rock out to a night of great music..last Saturday saw a few names from the scene at Which Way West at a really, really night out.

Starting off the show was Ringmaster’s Jam which featured Talal & Kavya on vocal dooties

2nd in line was Constellation and yes, apart from Eshantha..there was Saveen Makalanda & Dhyresh (for Blight Of Gaia)

and then there was Salvage 

Shehan Rodrigo joined them on drums for this

And just before the gig ended, there was this throwback of the mashup at the YES Home Grown Awards with Melissa Stephen (minus the Drill Team)

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