Asela Perera: These Years

It’s been a while since this brilliant singer/song writer gave us an announcement about his upcoming album and in a status posted yesterday, this is what he revealed….

“These Years” has been over an year in the making. It’s an album that I am immensely proud of and all the songs that made the cut are ones that I fiercely believe in.  The album WILL be released in August and it will be launched as both a physical and online medium. Details for the pre-order of the online version will come your way within the next few weeks.

The PHYSICAL copy….*grins*…will be your ticket to the “These Years” launch. Yes, the album will be performed live in it’s entirety at a very cozy location from start to end. More details coming your way soon soon =D

It’s been a long time coming,
Thank you for your unending support,
– Asela

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