Anushka Udana Ft Dulaj Jayathilake – අෑන් – Ann

Anushka Udana Ft Dulaj Jayathilake – අෑන් – Ann

Now here’s one of those short film/music videos with an equally neat single that we think is something, see how you dig this one Sri Lanka.

Melody : Anushka Udana
Lyrics : Anushka Udana Ft. Dulaj Jayatillake
Script Writer and Video Director : Anushka Udana
Music / Mixing and Mastering : La Signore / Viresh Cooray Chika
Special Thanks : Muvindu Binoy
Hasitha Warnasooriya
Pamuditha Zen Anjana
Copter Works- Shiham Ĥɱ / Dumindu Isuru


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