New Music : Dimuth K – Amazonia

Released thru Solarstone comes this all new track by award winning Dj & Producer, Dimuth K. ‘Amazonia’ is nothing short of stellar work!

New Music : Chainz By Arachchi – Seth Kavi

Arachchi is back with this all new single titled Seth Kavi. Hypnotic, packed with some very interesting lyrics, this one is made for days that are pensive.

New Music : Maduwa X King Lotuss – Seeni (Ellila Kansa Gahe) – Official Music Video

Currently trending at number 2 on Youtube’s trending list comes this all new collaba by Maduwa & King Lotuss titled ‘Seeni’. Catchy and packed with realities from their lives, this

New Music : Mudriq – Ma Dutuwa (Official Music Video)

Singer Mudriq is on a roll with fresh singles and here he is with his latest, another love song made for 2022. Titled ‘Ma Dutuwa’, this is a must check

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Intro-ing The Gaming Clans Of Sri Lanka – Xiphos eSports

In our second edition of the series, we intro one of the oldest gaming clans from our island – Xiphos eSports. Get to know them, the clans history and more

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Your Weekly eSports Roundup (11th – 17th Oct)

Here’s your esports roundup for the week that is the 11th – 17th Oct, with your host Manul.

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Intro-ing The Gaming Clans Of Sri Lanka – Phoenix Gaming

We’ve got an all new series and this time around, focusing on intro-ing the many gaming clans of Sri Lanka. In our first episode, Manul talks to Akila & Saleem

New Music : Rodlie – Noiyse Prroject Remix

Released thru Warpp comes this all new remix of Echo Daft’s single ‘Rodlie’ by another awesome name from our island – The Noiyse Project! We think this just might be

New Music : යලි එක්වෙමු | Yali Ekwemu – Dionn R x Mayora x Manasick (RebuildLK)

Released a few days ago comes this all new single made for the T20 season by fresher Dionn r with singer Maoyra and Drill Team royalty, Manasick. Uplifting, tri-lingual and

New Music : විහඟුන්ය අපි – பறவைகள் நாம் (Teaser) | Dinupa Kodagoda | Nadika Weligodapola | THEEVRA| MinorMatters

The uber talented husband & wife Dinupa Kodagoda & Nadika Weligodapola are back with an all new offering and this teaser is guaranteed to give you goosebumps. Known for their