The LPL Theme Songs

The LPL sure is one of the most talked about things this December, and did you know what they all have amazing theme songs? While not all were released this

New Music : Athugala Vehera Wandina – Chamara Weerasinghe, Cover By Delaine Silva – J & S Studios

Released on the 2nd of November comes this all new cover by metal vocalist & guitarist Delaine Silva. It’s a side of him that not a lot of us have

New Music : Film Songs Medley by Kochchi

‘Aatha Paawela’, ‘Sudu Andumin’ ,’Asai Man Piyabanna’, ‘Hello Hello’, ‘Salli Pokuru’ & ‘Mal Kalamba Langa’ has never sounded this good & mashup before! The all female group Kochchi takes the

December Picks #2

As we get closer to the 25th, we’re rolling out yet another list of must check out’s! Let us know what you’d think of this list. #5. What would the

New Music : Dem Da Diamonn – Even If The Whole World Comes Down

Straight from the heart and packed with upliftment, this is a must check out by the rapper, Dem Da Diamonn.

New Music : November Sihinaya (නොවැම්බර සිහිනය) – Theekshana Dewanmini Official Lyric Video

Released on the 30th of November comes this all new single by Theekshana Dewammini, and it sure is some amazing alt/rock stuff!

News : Spotify Discloses The Most Listened To Artists In 2021

It’s official! Spotify released a playlist of the most listened to songs in 2021 yesterday and by the looks of it, ‘Roo Sara’ by BnS are the most streamed. See

New Music : Go Tell It On The Mountain – Asanka Sahabandu Melissa Pereira & Romaine Willis

Released a few days ago comes this all new take of the seasonal classic “Go Tell It On The Mountain’ by Asanka Sahabandu, Melissa Pereira & Romaine Willis. It’s fun,

New Music : Home for Christmas – Voice Print (Official Music Video)

In time for the few fesitve weeks of the year comes the Voice Print family with their mashup of the best Christmas classics in one power / festive track! Titlted

New Music : Shotgun & Sithe Susum [ Mashup Cover ] – Neenka Ft Kasun & Roshane Sax

Released on the 3rd of December comes this all new mashup of ‘Shotgun’ & ‘Sithe Susum” by Neenka who features Kaun and Roshane Sax.