New Music : Subee – Helpill (Official Audio)

Sinhala EDM never sounded this good in December! ‘Helpill’ by producer and now vocalist Subee, that was released a few days ago sure is a must listen to. The lyrics

New Album Alert : Big Harsha

Big Harsha’s debut album is here and it’s just as massive, real and unique as the rapper himself. What starts of as a sonic capture of a boys moment in

New Music : පිනි කඳුලු / Pini Kandulu – Sanjeev Niles

Packed with the feels , ‘පිනි කඳුලු / Pini Kandulu’ is a powerful single that is composed and sung by Sanjeev Niles. The lyrics are by Gayan Sri Garusinghe, with

New Music : Sleep, Holy Babe! by Dillain & Dillai

Our island’s very own Dillain & Dillai have brought back a forgotten traditional Christmas carol and they’ve rearranged to an original style which in our opinion is truly magical. According

New Music : Play It Up – Official Music Video – ShaniaJ

ShaniaJis a fresh new artist to be watching out for! Her debut original titled ‘Play It Up’ is some fresh stuff you need to get with. It’s produced by Pacific,

New Music : Tashiyana – Christmas Again

Released in late November comes this all new debut single by fresher Tashiyana. Its warm, nice and just a perfect kinda seasonal song.

New Music : Dura Yan Lanweela Remixes | Mophyne Ft JINNA Music & Jizzy

Mophyne is known in the scene for their single ‘Dura Yan Lanweela’. Here’s an ep of 4 epic remixes including 2 by Jinna Music & Jizzy.

New Music : JJ Twins – Joy To The World | Original [Official Video]

The JJ Twins are back with this all new single titled ‘Joy To The World’ and no, this is not to be confused with the seasonal classic cuz this is

New Music : 6th Lane – මල් පෙත්තක් REMIX | Mal Peththak – Hibshi | KK

Here’s another release from the weekend! Producer / vocalist Hibshi is back with this remake of the popular 6th Lane classic ‘Mal Peththak’ with rapper KK. It’s possibly one of

New Music : Adidaa Macha ( அடிடா மச்சா ) – LPL 2021 – Jaffna Kings Theme Song

Released during the weekend comes this all new theme for the LPL cricket team, The Jaffna Kings. The song is by Satheeshan, Hana Safa and Krish Manoj.