December Picks #2

December Picks #2

As we get closer to the 25th, we’re rolling out yet another list of must check out’s! Let us know what you’d think of this list.

#5. What would the season be without mashups? Here’s a fun release by Mendis Official.

#4. Released last year comes this celeb packed holiday single. It’s fun, packed with the seasonal spirit and is the good stuff!

#3. Packing in a punch with this mashup is this all girl group we wish we could see more of. It features some of the best in Sinhala & English seasonal classics.

#2. While “Moving On’ is considered to be her first original English single, this single from last year is really the one. Titled ‘Merry Christmas Baby’, this single captures some pretty raw seasonal emotions a lot of people don’t talk about.

#1 Probably the oldest release on this list, is this single / music video of the seasonal favorite ‘Sithale Tharu Dilena Madiyame’. Produced by Saragama Music, this single features BnS, Iraj, The BnS fam along with more awesome artists from the 2000s. It’s fun, upbeat and the good stuff!

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