Neurocracy – Freedom Fighter (Demo)

Neurocracy – Freedom Fighter (Demo)

We like this new progressive metal band from Colombo and their take of “Freedom Fighter”…curious you might be wondering who’s makes up this band…Aki Peiris (Hollow), Sohan Rathnaike (Fallen Grace), Nirodha Jayasinghe (ex Stigmata), Dr. Gayan Danthanarayana (Hollow) and a newcomer to the scene – Shevantha Abeysekara.

Since this demo was made for the EZ Drummer II Guitar Contest, we urge you take a minute to vote for this track right here..why should you vote? cuz it would help the band win recording gear for future recordings but most of all, legends from the global metal scene get to finally hear metal from our island which in itself is a big deal..come on now, get voting =)

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