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New Music : Ashavi – Chaboda Sanjaya X Smokio Official Music Video

Catchy, fun and a future dance floor hit, here’s Chabodya Sanjaya with his newest that features rapper Smokio.

New Music : Smokio X Thushan – Monalisa (මොනාලිසා)Official Music Video

Fun and just a proper vibe on its on is this offering by another fairly new name from the island’s music scene – Thushan. The single features Smokio and was

New Music : Shavinka Fernando – PARINATHA HEENA ft Kevin Smokio [Official Music video] Full 4K

Shavinka Fernando is a fairly new name to the island’s growing Sinhala music scene. His newest ‘Parinatha Heena’ features rap powerhouse Kevin Smokio and comes packed with some seriously, serious

New Music : Kopule – Ashen Senarathna ft Smokio – Official Music Video

YouTuber Ashen Senarathna just kicked off the first step to his all new venture into music with his debut single / music video. Titled ‘Kopule’, the single is catchy, fun

New Music : Rajith Senaratna – Kaamashi (කාමාශි) ft. Smokio | Official Music Video

There’s fresh listens and then there’s this – Released on the 19th of the month comes this all new collaba by a fairly new name from the island’s music scene

New Music : Langa Langa – Dinesh Gamage Ft. Smokio | Chamath Sangeeth – Official Music Video

Catchy, fun and just a vibe in its own right, this all new collaba by Dinesh Gamage, Smokio and Chamath Sangeeth is here to stay! The single’s lyrics are by

New Music : Smokio – Colombo Rebellion | කොළඹ කැරැල්ල [Official Music Video]

Released yesterday comes this all new music video for Smokio’s epic new single titled ‘Colombo Rebellion’. The single is composed, mixed & mastered by Adeesha Beats.

News : The First Sinhala Rap & Hip Hop Concert Is On!

After a very long hiatus, the island see’s it’s first Hip Hop & Rap concert on this Saturday. Titled ‘Belo’, it’s slated to be held at the Ex Serviceman’s Bar

New Music : Apzi – Hollanna Na Ft Smokio & Adeesha Beats (Official Music Video)

Produced by Adeesha Beats comes this all new power packed single by Apzi ft Smokio & Adeesha himself. Catchy, full of intenmse moments and just the good stuff is ‘Hollana

New Music : SMOKIO, APZI – Enna Yan [Official Music Video]

Super catchy and full of good vibes is this all new collaba by rappers Smokio and Apzi. It’s light, reggae and fun!