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New Music : Loveena (ලොවීනා) – Chitral Somapala & Kanchana Anuradhi | Suresh Maliyadde with Gen. Kamal Gunaratne

Released last friday comes this beautiful ode to the love story of the late Lovina Aponsuwa & Sir Thomas Maitland by Chitral Somapala & Kanchana Anuradhi. The lyrics are by

New Music : Polime (පෝලිමේ) | Chithral & Piyal with The Gypsies | Official Music Video

Released on the 8th of the month comes this all new collaba between Chitral & Piyal with The Gypsies on the current state of Sri Lanka. Focusing on the lines

New Music : Dedunu Ran Oville (දෙදුනු රන් ඔවිල්ලේ) – Chitral Somapala

Chitral Somapala is back with this all new single, a take of ‘Dedunu Ran Oville’. This is a tribute to the legends from the Film ‘ලස්සන දවසක්’ 1975 By Nimal

ඉහළින් ආපු නියෝගේ – Orders from above – Ihalin Apu Niyoge

It’s not everyday that you get to check out an all superstar lineup on a track but when you do, its gotta be epic right? You betcha and this single

Chitral Somapala Announces A Special Concert In Feb!

Last night saw him drop the news of a very special tribute concert at the B.M.I.C.H. for his late parents PLA Somapala & Chitra in Feb. For more deets –

Chitral Somapala & Chinthana Dharmadasa – Vilpattuwe

We think this is a solid statement for our time and is one of those rare collaborations as well – Chitral Somapala, Chinthana Dharmadasa & from Red Circuit – Markus Teske

Rock Meets Reggae: The Announcement For 2016 Is Here

In a status post made a few hours ago, this is what was revealed! And, we are mighty pleased! The first installment of this was a massive success and was

New Music Announcement From Chitral Somapala

It’s been a while since we heard a metal single out from him and while this status update is all we get for now, we will keep you in the

Chitral Somapala On The YES Home Grown Top 15

He’s gonna be on co-host duties on the countdown from 7pm onwards and from what we know, there might be a special at 8pm…details when we get it but get

FILL – T Responds To Chitral

This is quite a reply by rapper Fill T. While we think he touches on a few soilds on this exclusive interview with Chatter.lk, we’d like to point out that

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