Sri Lanka Cricket Twenty20 Theme Song

Sri Lanka Cricket Twenty20 Theme Song

So apparently, this is the official T20 theme song and it’s not bad, neither is it very good.

Featuring Kaizer Kaiz, Neo, Shermaine Willis, Pasan Liyanage, Tehani & Imara, this single plays it super safe while catering to possibly to every Lankan around the globe with the very catchy papare appeal, Sinhala Rap thrown in for good measure along with catchy verses. It’s everything this season needs basically…however, we feel that this is another opportunity lost to bring out more of Lanka’s modern genres like Sinhala house, bailatronic and rock to the masses.

Either way, this is a much better effort than what we’ve seen and heard in the recent past.

Backup vocals – Sachintha Pulasthi
Music – Pasan Liyanage
Lyrics – Sadun
Video director – Priyanga M. Ranasinghe
Video by IRAJ Productions (PVT) LTD

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