Rohitha Rajapaksa – Manmula Wela (මංමුලා වෙලා)

Rohitha Rajapaksa – Manmula Wela (මංමුලා වෙලා)

This is a drop no one expected and ain’t too bad an effort by the youngest Rajapaksha – Rohitha.

While we’d expect someone of his caliber to release something a little on the not so conventional side of music, this finds itself in the veins of the more mainstream, radio friendly which works well for him… we believe..not sure if radio would pick up the single but we’d like to think that this deserves half a chance like the next release and not for reasons like his family background (his dad was the president one time, remember?).

Produced by YES Home Grown Award Winner – Pasan Liyanage, we’ve heard that it took Rohitha almost 2 months of practicing and working on this song.

Check it out Sri Lanka!

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