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Rashmika Ratnayake – Nannadunanni (නන්නාදුනන්නී) [Official Lyrics Video]

Rashmika Ratnayake is an all new singer from the island’s music scene and here’s the lyric video to his debut single ‘Nannadunanni’.

New Music : Javeen Soysa – සුදු වතින් සැරසී (Vertical Video)

Released a few minutes ago comes this all new mellowed out version of a previously released single titled ‘Sudu Wathin Sarasee’. This is also Javeen’s first vertical music video, released

New Music : YAAGAA | Bombay Jayashri | Kanthini Kishon | Srivijay | Varuon

Here’s one of those collaborations that’s as awesome as they come. Hear vocalists Bombay Jayashri & Kanthini Kishon in this epic production called ‘Yaagaa’.