New Music : Romaya Lese Cover By Arjumann

New Music : Romaya Lese Cover By Arjumann

Here’s a gem of a brand new release by Arjunmann. An amped up take of the classic ‘Romaya Lese’, here’s the story as to why he covered this single

‘I still remember how Seeya was requesting this song again and again when he was drunk and happy with his hidden tears. Later he became my whole inspiration, hearing this story, that he eagerly wanted to witness the catastrophe at Black July in 1983, instead rushing home sooner, during the sudden imposed curfews in Colombo. I then added this imagination, how he might have been calmly watching this bloody riot, the very beginning of the Sinhala-Tamil-Civil-War, maybe with a long smoke until the sunset. This song is very much connected to myself, so thought of trying to express some of my inner feelings with a set of very limited resources on hand, with a zero budget’. (source : YouTube)

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