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New Music : Ayeshmantha – Avivaaden (අවිවාදෙන්) ft OO Seven & Zany (Official Music Video)

Producer Ayeshmantha is back with this all new Sinhala rap drop titled ‘Avivaaden’ and this features oo Seven & Zany who are nothing short of pure fire.

Azim Ousman Announces New Material With Bone Killa!

The producer & singer dropped the announcement on his birthday (happy cake day man) and we think this is gonna be a solid fire starter of a single! Stay subscribed

Awesome Names Day To April 20th & 21st Names

They are 3 awesome names from the home music scene Amy Martinesz (singer), Arshadh Iqbal (singer) and belated birthday greets to Tanuja Perera (singer) have the best year in music: team