Posts From Yazmin Yousuf

New Music : Awasan “අවසන්” | Tharin (Official Video)

Here’s another stellar weekend release from artist Tharin. Packed with the feels, this one is straight from the heart and revolves around the emo pains of the heart.

New Music : Pabalu x Killer B – Piyambala – පියඹලා

Released during the weekend comes this all new collaba between artist extraordinaire Pabalu & rapper Killer B. Strong, but fun & catchy, this one is made for playlists!

New Music : JJ Twins – Heartbreak and Misery (Lyric Video)

Acoustic and packed with feels comes this all new track by the JJ Twins titled ‘Heartbreak And Misery’. See how you dig this!

New Music : Rina Rapa – Waradi Maga (Official Music Video)

Rina Rapa is a fairly new name from the island’s music scene and here’s his newest titled ‘Waradi Maga’. Packed with interesting lyrics, this is a must check out if

New Music : Chathum Dulara – Mayam Seya (මායම් සේයා) (Thilira Remix) [Official Audio]

Released thru MCREC comes this all new take of ‘Mayam Seya’ by Chathura Dulara. Packed with the original feels and an EDM edge, this is some good stuff for any

New Music : All My Love – Dilan Jay (Official Music Video)

Singer, songwriter, producer and rapper extraordinaire – Dilan Jay is back with this all new jam called ‘All My Love’. Funky, light and just an all round fun single, ‘All

New Music : Mophyne – Dura Yan Lanweela (දුර යන් ළංවීලා) | Lyric Video

Released not too long ago comes this all new single by duo Mophyne (Teshan & Thiloka). It’s a breathe of fresh air, packed with amazing elements, the feels and lyrics

New Music : Trozer x DIS – Alright (Official Audio)

Here’s a fresh new single by a new name from the electronica scene. Producer Trozer features vocalist DIS on ‘Alright’, a track that’s packed with promise and feels.

New Music : Duava, Victor Dysayon – The Plane (Official Music Video)

‘The Plane’ by Duava and fresher Dysayon dropped last Friday on the internet, and it sure is nothing short of some pretty impressive stuff by the two!

New Music : Neulows, Amizio, K29 – Don’t Worry

Released thru Xclusive Records comes this all new collaba by Neulows, Amizio & K29. Titled ‘Don’t Worry’, the single is uplifting and heavy on emotions as most good Trance singles