Artist Alerta: Satthia

Artist Alerta: Satthia

Our first international artist pick happens to be Satthia: a fresher who we believe is a rising star in his own right.


Based in Singapore, this 20 something independent artist & producer is a to watch out for, for his slick pop sensibility is something that the global Tamil Top 40 sound could do with and his debut single / video which he dropped last week is testament to the change he can bring to the table.

Have you checked out ‘Adi Aathi’ already?

Get to know Sattia

DecibelLK: Tell us about you, the singer & human

Sattia: Actually, I don’t really want to call myself a singer as I am mostly into producing music.. My singing talent was just an gift from my dad. He used to be a tv singer back in the day.

DecibelLK: Musically, who cuts it as influences?

Sattia: My love was always for Sir A.R Rahman and Yuvan Shanker Raja.

DecibelLK: What’s your method of creative madness?

Sattia: Actually nothing much, I just start making songs when I feel like it, even if i’m half asleep.

DecibelLK: Being an Tamil artist in Singapore can be slightly challenging due to the multicultural diaspora that need reaching out to, how difficult is it for a new artist and how do you plan of taking some of those challenges on?

Sattia: To have a job as a music producer is difficult, But the locals here have started to support music producers like myself. I am just going to produce songs and release them whenever I can.
I love music,, so there is no end to it no matter what. I believe good music will find its way somehow.

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DecibelLK: How would you describe your style of music?

Sattia: I don’t follow any music genre for now, I just follow what I feel like producing at the moment, saying that I do have interest in learning Reggae, Edm & House.

DecibelLK: What are some of the perks of being an artist launching in Singapore?

Sattia: I might get some chance to produce tracks for our own channel (Vasantham).

DecibelLK: One single down, what’s next for you?

Sattia: No plans at the moment.



DecibelLK: As an Tamil artist, who do you want to cater to? Most artists find themselves wanting to break into Kollywood or Bollywood and end up writing and producing songs that are expected – Would you be one of those that could challenge the system and re-define the mold?

Sattia: Yes. That is almost every music producers dream. As I always say, good music will find its way. I will just keep producing.

DecibelLK: How can people support your music and yourself?

Sattia: Social media is good enough to show love and support, that’s how I’m going to get connected with them.

DecibelLK: Would you be doing live shows in your region soon?

Sattia: Ha Ha, not anytime soon!


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