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Meloversary 5 (the bootleg)

November was a special month for team Melo as they celebrate 5 years of being in the scene. In case you missed out on attending the event, here’s all performances on

Kalu Malli x Zen x Bo Sedkid – Pasuthawili Mudubim Dosi (පසුතැවිලි මුඩුබිම් දෝසි)

This is probably one of THE collaborations of this year. Featuring rappers that drop it fierce – Kalu Malli & Zen, together with beatman – Bo Sedkid. 

New Music : Breathe (Pink Floyd) – Cover by Lakshika Seneviratne

Stellar, haunting and just right is this all new take of the classic ‘Breathe’ by Lakshika Senevirathne.