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Deyo Completes 10 Years In The Production Biz

It’s takes a lot of passion and determination to be in that sort of field as not everyone can mix and master for what are now, some of the most


Clifford Issac – Feel Good (Bootleg)

Go ahead, spoil your eardrums 😉


The MeloManic Session Recordings – In Case You Missed Out On The Live Show

we’re grateful that the melo bunch take the time and trouble to record their sets for people like us who miss the show…epic stuff you guys, our only regret is

  • Nipuna

    Love it!! 😀

  • its a damm good effort! Hope we can make this an exclusive =)

    • Ayesh

      Thanks again Yaz ! Sure hope so 😀

  • ayeshlsam

    I really appreciate the share yaz ! 🙂 not my usual style of production .. but I did this for a change . 🙂