5 Years Of AWN Radio

5 Years Of AWN Radio

Who said April was gonna be a dead month? This right here is an awesome gig to look forward to on Saturday!

Thank you all for supporting AWN Radio and being with us since 2010. This event is a way of appreciating you for being a fan of AWN Radio and a time for you to spend celebrating our 5 years of AWN.

Lineup for the evening:

Circus Cult

Sakwala Chakraya

Wagon Park

Did we tell you about their Open Mic Night afterwards? Get in touch with them if you wanna but for now here’s the list

1. Talal Akram Jabeer
2. Kamishka Morais
3. Imaad majeed
4. PsychoLand
5. Mirshad Buckman


FB Event Page

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