5 Bands You Need To See Live This Saturday!

5 Bands You Need To See Live This Saturday!

Every weekend is a great time to be discovering bands from Colombo (can we start calling it the capital of LKA music already?) and this Saturday we’ve got 5 incredible bands who will be going raw & stripped for the first edition of Acoustic Saturday – The Storyteller.


The last 2 years have seen this Sinhala hard rock band carve a niche in the local metal & rock scene with their signature singles & style. A favorite in various music circles, they are going live for the first time..Why miss it?

Silence Of Loud

Kandy, at one point used to be the second city with the most amount of metal bands but with time, that dwindled. All hope is not lost though as new comers Silence Of Loud made an impressive debut last year at the 3rd edition of Rock Saturday. They are back this weekend with their first acoustic set.


We haven’t seen much of this all star band but Feb sees them surface with a set that might make you go ‘Ammatasiri..what?’ Here’s a throwback to 2013.


Some call them the kings of acoustic sets and given their rep for it, expect a one of a kind killer performance! They recently have been working with Germany based Lankan producer David Luchow and who knows what kinda surprises they might have after their time with him.


The founders of Sri Metal rarely do an acoustic gig but when they do, they are sure to bring out those hits you haven’t heard in forever! The last time they did this, their set was nothing short of that jaw dropping stuff!

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