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New Music : Zany Inzane – Rawatavi As (රවටාවි ඇස්) [Official Music Video]

Rapper Zany Inzane is back with a stellar new single titled ‘Rawatavi’. Trending at number 16 on Youtube at the time of this post, this single sure is a fresh

New Music : Zany Inzane, U-Low – Mata Man Hari මට මං හරි [Official Video]

‘Mata Man Hari’ is a vibe! Zany Inzane & U Low have collaborated and this time for this all new single and we think this makes for a great, fun

New Music : Zany Inzane – Wiwechana විවේචන (SNAFU Project: Live Performance)

Here’s the live recording of ‘Wiwechana’ from Zany’s recent concert at The SNAFU Project. Jemma backs Zany up in this performance.

New Music : Zany Inzane & Jemaa – Cash Wadan (Official Music Video)

Released a few days ago comes this all new catchy and fun single by Zany Insane featuring a fresh name from the scene – Jemaa. ‘Cash Wadan’ is a must

New Music : Zany Inzane – Math Unu Susuman මත්වුනු සුසුමන් ft. Shane (Official Video)

Here’s a single that got released in December but is nothing short of some solid stuff by Zany Inzane. ‘Math Unu Susuman’ is a laid back, real offering by the

New Music : Zany Inzane x Dilo x OOSeven – NAGAZAKI (Official Music Video)

Packed with some seriously good lyrics and equally epic beats comes this all new collaba that cant be denied! Rap powerhouse Zany Inzane is back and features Dilo & OOSeven

New Music : Sithi j – Local Ft Zany Inzane [Official Music Video]

We’ve got another rapper on the rise! Sithi J comes in hard with this all new single featuring rap heavyweight Zany Inzane in this all new single titled ‘Local’.

New Music : Zany Inzane – Mejores Amigos(Interlude)

Taken off his album ‘Kushcobar’ comes this all new single by rap powerhouse Zany Inzane. ‘Mejores Amigos’ (Interlude) comes packed with some seriously real moments!

New Music : Microphone | මයීක්‍රෆොන් | Official music video – Big Doggy X Zany Inzane X Schama Noel

Released on Friday comes this all new collba by 2 names from Sri Lanka – Big Doggy & Zany Inzane, the single also included Haiti’s Schama Noel. Powerful, packed with

New Music : Zany Inzane – Nawukawak නෞකාවක් (Official Music Video)

Trending at number 20 at the time of this post on Youtube’s trending list comes this all new music video for rap powerhouse – Zany Inzane’s dope single ‘Nawukawak’. The