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New Music : Numbe Puthun Suwa Ninde- Shaman Ranaweera

The 1st of May saw this all new release by reggae singer & songwriter Shaman Ranaweera. Straight from the heart and made for the times we live in, this is

New Music : “Mama Nawathinnam” – Shaman Ranaweera

Released today comes this all new single by reggae artist Shaman Ranaweera. Titled ‘Mama Nawathinnam’, this is a quintessential offering.

New Music : Going On – Shaman Ranaweera & Anne Nathan

We’re not sure how we’ve missed this single that was released back in Jan but here it is for you! It’s a collaborative effort between Shaman Ranaweera and Anne Nathan.

New Music : Bohemian Rhapsody – Guitar cover by Shaman Ranaweera

Released last weekend comes this all new guitar take by the prolific Shaman Ranaweera. This time around he takes on the classic that is ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

Happy Cake Day To August 12th Names

Happy cake day to Yashan De Silva (rapper/producer), Channa De Silva (producer/instrumentalist/dj), Shaman Ranaweera (singer) & Greg Pallegama (dummer, guitarist, singer)   photo credits: Jovan De Mello Photography (greg) support

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Project Acoustica’s Latest

this is some simple yet incredible takes you don’t get to hear everyday! we’re pretty taken up by this so here’s all 4 videos for you to check out! Project

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Happy Cake Day To 2 More Awesome Names

Greg Pallegama  (Rocky Road/D-Zone) and Shaman Ranaweera (one of the best solo reggae singers in SL), we know its a Monday but you can still have the best one ever