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New Music : RapZilla LKM – Ganatha Hedila

Fun, catchy and packed with moments comes this all new single by rapper RapZilla LKM. ‘Ganatha Hedila’ is a lot more mainstream than his previous hits but is worth checking

New Music : Jodu Dama (ජෝඩුදමා) Official Music Video – RapZilla-LKM X Anjali Rajkumar

Fun, uber catchy and just the good stuff is this all new single by RapZilla featuring Anjali Rajkumar. While it’s not the usual RapZilla offering, this is a refreshing side

New Music : RapZilla-LKM – Lockdown Athal (Official Music Video)

An overall fun watch and listen is RapZilla’s newest titled ‘Lockdown Athal’! It’s a release thru Serandip with the video done thru WizeTv.

New Music : Rapzilla – Lockdown Athal

Released not too long ago comes this all new fun effort by rapper Rapzilla. This is a fun yet real look into the lockdown situation in the island.

New Music : RapZilla – LKM & MasterD – Giridevi (Official Music Video)

When do you get when you have two rap powerhouses on a track? You get a fully charged single that’s ready for word domination! Released yesterday ‘Giridevi’ is a single

RapZilla | Neo | Big Harsha | Dimi3 | Hirushi | Apzi | Wild Skatey – Viruwan Obai (විරුවන් ඔබයි)

A fitting tribute to those that protected the island during its darkest days is this all new super star studded release. Rapzilla, Neo, Big Harsha, Dimi3, Wild Skatey, Apzi (its

Karmaya Official Music Video – JD & Nimanthi Ft RapZilla

Now here’s a collaba no one saw coming by Rappers JD & Rapzilla, featuring the vocals of Nimanthi.

225 Kathiraya | කතිරය 225 By RapZilla LKM

There’s been a few politically charged singles released last weekend and here’s one of them and this sure makes for a strong, lyrical anthem for the times we’re living in!

Tabla By Rapzilla

Released last night, producer & rapper Rapzilla dropped a single that would take a lot of his fans by surprise simply cuz it’s not a quintessential him kinda offering. The

JD & Nimanthi Ft Rapzilla – Karmaya (කර්මය)

JD & Nimanthi are two fairly new names from the Sinhala scene and we believe that this is their debut offering featuring RapZilla.