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New Music : Gajaga Wannama – Flecan x Silmi Nihara

Released a few days ago comes this all new super amped up version of the famoud ‘Gajaga Wannama’ with the vocals of Silmi Nihara, mad ethnic drums and a very

New Ep : ‘Moratuwa’ By Ruvvanga

Released last Friday is Producer & Dj Ruvvanga’s debut Ep! Titled ‘Moratuwa’, the Ep is nothing short of some very epic fresh sounds, interlaced with throwback elements and slick vocals

New Music : Teklix – Mantric Fusion (Original Mix) [Outta Limits]

Released thru Outta Limits Recordings comes this all new massive progressive house single by Dj & Producer Teklix. Massive falls short to describe the artistry on ‘Mantric Fusion’, see how

New Music : Aesop SAV – Precious (Official Music Video)

Released pre Easter comes this all new single by Aesop Sav (Half Moon Beach fame) and it’s another mood to hop onto! It’s very much a quintessential Aesop offering with

New Music : Baby | Sandaru Sathsara

This cover comes a decade and 3 years late, but it sure is a funny and super fun addition to Sandaru Sathsara’s collection of parody hits.

New Music : Hush Little Lady [Official Music Video] | SHAVI

Released on the 13th of Jan comes this all new original by singer Shavi. ‘Hush Little Lady’ is realization, bittersweet yet empowering in its own way. See how you dig

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Gaalu Paare ගාලු පාරේ by Sunil & Piyal with Gypsies | The Song & Exclusives With Mr. Piyal, Randy Chriz & Team Meraki

Last Thursday saw the release of the final song that was ever recorded in a studio by the late legend, Mr Sunil Perera with his band. The single is with

New Music : DKM – Mathakayan

Laid back and just packed with the feels is this all new single from DKM. It’s very different from what we’re used to hearing from him and we love this

New Music : Sithin Sina sisi – Rookantha Gunathilaka / Cover By The Rugrats Featuring Amarsha Tissera

Here’s a Rookantha Gunathilaka classic unlike any other. Fun to listen to and packed with the uniqueness of The Rugrats, amped by the vocals of Amarsha Tissera.

Markia Has A Brand New Single – Free Falling

Rapper, producer & performer Markia just dropped his newest on the internet after its LKA debut last week on the YES Home Grown Top 15 and we think ‘Free Falling’