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New Music : MasterD – Denuwan (දෙනුවන්) Official Lyrics Video

Master D is back and this time around with an all new single thats a 160 from what we’ve known him to release in the past. ‘Denuwan’ is laid back

New Music : MasterD – Captain ( කැප්ටන් ) Official Animation Video

Rap powerhouse Master D has made a pretty solid statement with this all new single titled ‘Captain’. The animated video is his POV, of the defunct Serandip Records.

New Music : මුලාවකින් | மோசடி | Deception – by Master D & OJ da Tamil Rapper

Released thru the Meraki United Youtube page comes this all new collaba that’s nothing short of E.P.I.C.! Bilinguar and full of WOAH moments is ‘Deception’ by Master D & Od

New Music : Costa x MasterD – Obata Waram (ඔබට වරම්) – Episode 10

After a break, episode 10 from Costa’s online album series is back and this one is the track ‘Obata Waram; from his hit album ‘Paavi Paavi 3’.Watch out for the

New Music : Master D X Bo Sedkid – Dheero

This weekend is seeing a slew of releases and this release is killer! It’s cutting edge, sonically. Packed hypnotic female vocals changing ‘Dheero’ to lyrics that slay by Master D,

New Music : Izzy Iznu x Master D – Natamu

Catchy, fun and just an all time fun anthem is this collaba by rappers Izzy Iznu & Master D.

New Music : MasterD – Ape Balayata (අපේ බලයට) Official Music Video

Released yesterday comes this all new single by Rapper Master D. ‘Ape Balayata’ is mixed and mastered by Jude Perera. It’s fierce in its own right and is made for

New Music : Master D – Northern Wind

Here’s a genre we don’t hear from Master D. It’s electronic, pensive and packed with samples of political news. Titled ‘Northern Wind’, this single was released late April.

News : The First Sinhala Rap & Hip Hop Concert Is On!

After a very long hiatus, the island see’s it’s first Hip Hop & Rap concert on this Saturday. Titled ‘Belo’, it’s slated to be held at the Ex Serviceman’s Bar

New Music : MasterD – Hitha Wenai (හිත වෙනයි) Official Music Video

Thursday saw the release of Sinhala rapper Master D’s first single of the year. Titled ‘Hitha Wenai’, this single touches upon realities of the island, just different and we warned,