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New Music : ගී (Gee) – Buddhi Warnakula ft. Falan Andrea [Official Music Video]

Here’s another November release you can get behind! ‘Gee’ by Buddhi Warnakula featuring the winner of Derana Superstar, Falan Andrea is chill and just the good easy listening stuff for

New Music : Africana – Official Lyrics Video | Buddhi Warnakula | Ken Lappen | Chamath Nalaka

It’s not everyday that you get to hear a fun single packed with African music elements, but when you do, you know its gonna be a good one! Here’s ‘Africana’

New Music : Aragalaya – Official Video | Buddhi Warnakula | Ken Lappen | Chamath Nalaka

Another release for the times we live in comes this all new collaba by Buddhi Warnakula, Ken Lappen & Chamath Nalaka. Emotional and packed with real vibes, this one is

New Music : Buddhi Warnakula Ft Ken Lappen – Mathakaye – [Official Lyrics Video]

Dreamy and just the good stuff is this all new single by singer Buddhi Warnakula featuring Ken Lappen. The lyrics for ‘Mathakaye’ are by Chamath Nalaka and the artwork &