Tag "8th February"

New Music : WARNEKA – PRABHA ( වර්ණෙක ) Official Music Video

Here’s another all new name from the island’s rap scene..Here’s Prabha’s all new effort titled ‘Warneka’.

New Music : LA+CH x SVDP x BACKXWASH – BLVCK (Official Lyric Video)

Released not too long ago comes this heavy, smartly executed collaba by LA+CH, SVDP & BACKXWASH. Titled ‘BLVCK’ this single is more than just an anthemic moshpit starter!

New Music : T Chandy, Duava – Lamaya ළමයා (Official Music Video)

Released a few days ago comes this pretty sick collaba by rapper T Chandy & the prolific Duava. Bi-lingual and all kindsa clever, ‘Lamaya’ is one of those singles that’s

New Music : BHASHI – Viramayak (විරාමයක්) ft. WePlus | Naadhagama Handiya (නාදගම හන්දිය)

Here’s an epic performance of ‘Viramayak’ by Bhashi, taken from the recent Naadhagama Handiya concert. Bhashi is backed by the WePlus band.

New Music : Mahason Billa (මහසෝන් බිල්ල ) – Pramode | PoJJaa

Released on Independence Day comes this all new single by Pramode & rapper PoJJaa. It’s rap, rock, tabla and all kindsa fire in 4 something minutes of unique.

News : Senter Records Announces Their First Festival!

Senter Records, a Singapore based record label established in Sri Lanka mid last year will now see it’s own festival, with a roster thats just too epic! The Senter Music

New Music : N Marc – Bad Boy (Remastered) | Future House Music | EDM

The re-release of Bad Boy by Producer & DJ N Marc got released on the 7th of Feb and it sure is one heck of a banger with amped bass.

New Music : 2Forty2 MAATHRA LIVE | Chandana Allen (චන්දන ඇල්ලෙන්) | H.R. Jothipala | Feat Billy Fernando

Here’s 2Forty2’s mellow and awesome take of that classic by H.R. Jothipala from one of their live shows.

New Music : Veralu Mal “වෙරළු මල්” Dinesh Gamage Ft Kaizer Kaiz | Official Music Video

Packed with catchy lyrics and fun moves, this bubble gum pop offering by Dinesh Gamage that features rapper Kaizer Kaiz, is a vibe!

New Music : Gajaman Nona (ගජමන් නෝනා) Tehan Perera and Yohani – (Official Trailer)

Yohani & Tehan Perera have an all new collaba coming out on the 10th of Feb! Titled ‘Gajaman Nona’, it sure sounds like a future hit in the making.