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New Music : Rahas රහස් – GAYYA Ft Charitha Attalage (Official Lyrics Video)

Released a few days ago comes this all new collaba between Gayya who features Charitha Attalage on this all new single a lot of fans saw live at the second

New Music : Salli ( සල්ලි ) – Sarith & Surith ft.KVN | Official Music Video

Released a few hours ago comes this all new collaba by the very cool Sarith & Surith featuring the prolific KVN on rap duties! We love this pretty strong and

New Music : E Obamai (ඒ ඔබMy) – DADDY | Official Music Video

The Daddy Band are back with this all new single / music video that is simply quintessential them! ‘E Obamai’ is heartfelt and is a vibe in its own right!

New Music : Paranoid Earthling – REIGN (Official Audio)

Here’s a track you might have heard live at most of their gigs and it’s finally here in a studio version on the internet. Full of fire, strong lyrics and

Federico Monachesi’s Single Gets The Dimuth K Treatment

‘Usual Suspects’ by  Federico Monachesi got it’s remixed treatment by Dimuth K and is part of his Ep, released through Soundteller Records. Click here for the beatport link  

A-Jay – Breaking Off (remix)

Producer & A-Jay is back with another single, this time a remix of ‘Breaking Point’ by MiiNo. This one is part of MiiNo’s Ep released thru Massive Harmony Records. Click

Hibshi Ft Romaine Willis – Sigh

Producer Hibshi’s final track before his hiatus is here and this one features singer & performer Romaine Willis. Not to worry cuz Hibshi will be back sometime early next year

Troublemakers Gang – FKD (official audio)

Italy based Lankan rappers Crysto & Kao$ have been releasing material on the solo and just yesterday, dropped his pretty neat collective effort titled ‘FKD’.

XY – Ninda Noyana Handawe | MashUp

So what happens when ‘Ninda Noyana Handawe’, ‘Galana Ganga’ &  a clean bandit single get’s mashed up by a bunch off seriously talented kids? This!

Tamara Ft Vinz & J-Nvinus – We Have It

And after much teasing her newest video is out and we think its tastefully done. Check it out already!