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New Music : Lak Amma (ලක් අම්මා) Sanka Dineth & Team Sanka (Official Music Video)

‘La Amma’ is uplifting and just the right positive energy Sri Lanka needs by Sanka Dineth and his team of talented young artists. The single is mixed & mastered by

New Music : Double Jinxx – Meraki

Double Jinxx comprise of Chrischale Panditharathne & Janine Wright. ‘Meraki’, their debut single was recorded in Negombo in Jan this year, and here it is a few months later for

New Music : Elsz – Your Rage Is Necessary, Pt. I

Released on the 6th of July is this all new single by Elsz and we think this is one for the keeps on your playlist. According to a press release,

Ep Alert : Dropwizz – Seven Deadly Sins

The 20 something producer & dj is back with this all new ep release, which is a collection of work he’s produced over the years. It’s deliciously dark for the

New Music : Stratovox – Made In Heaven

After a hiatus comes this all new release by the 2 man group – Stratovox! Their newest titled ‘Made In Heaven’ is nothing short of an epic amalgamation of 70’s

New Music : Tattoo Walalu (ටැටූ වළලු) – Sanka Dineth | Official Video

Released late last month is this all new single by Superstar Sanka Dineth.

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Shokaagni Celebrates 10 Years

The Lankan underground metal scene has had many projects come and go, and some that actually resurface after long a hiatus and one of those names is Shokaagni – A

8 Days Till Artists Evening

You would have caught this 20 something perform at the Melomanic Sessions early this year,maybe even heard the collaba with Downshift on YES101 or on the internet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qoxq564ipfc He takes

Mihindu Ariyaratne – Shape of You | Bulleya (MashUp)

Here’s another mashup that has been garnering some pretty wild attention. Brilliantly done too is singer Mihindu Ariyarathne’s newest.

Yohani De Silva & Julius Mitchell – Liyathambara (cover)

Yohani De Silva & Julius Mitchell’s take of ‘Liyathambara’ has been garnering quite a bit of attention, check out the video to see why its one of those shared deals