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New Music : Nikhil – Letters I Wrote To You (Official Music Video)

Nikhil’s newest ‘Letters I Wrote To You’ not only has made it on to the YES Home Grown Top 15 and is faring well, but also sees stellar reviews on

New Music : Solo Town – Suralaliniye (සුරලාලිනීයේ) | Official Music Video

While not too much is known about this all new boy band from our island, their debut single / music video sure is a stellar work of pop! See how

New Music : BVLLY x 2Smooth – Air Plane Mode (Remix)

Released a few days ago comes this remix by BVLLY featuring our islands rapper & producer 2Smooth. It’s out thru Austria Records Inc.

New Music : Furny Doo – Kaputu Kak Edit (Audio)

This all new single by producer Furny Doo is an EDM version of the famous ‘Pina Gobbaya’ song by Dino & Blok (as found in their ‘Bad Cop’ episode’). It

New Music : JJ Twins – We Stand As One (Official Video)

Another song made for the times we live in by the JJ Twins. ‘We Stand As One’ was released on the 29th of April and was written, produced by Jason

New Music : Abimanawath Lesa – Senaka Batagoda

Singer, songwriter and performer Senaka Batagoda is back with this all new song for 2022 Sri Lanka. A song of unity and motivation is ‘Abimanawath Lesa’.

New Music : Aadhiraiyan (Official Music Video) | RAPTOWN RECORDS | JAY DC Feat. Sudarshan Arumugam

Raptown Records has an all new release by Jay DC featuring Sudarshan Arumugam. Released on the 27th of March this is a must check out!

New Music : Sanka Dineth – Akasa Bindu (ආකාස බිංදු) [Official Music Video]

Released on the 1st of May comes this all new single by singer Sanka Dineth for a 2022 Sri Lanka. It’s strong, it speaks to the heart and is made

New Music : Neulows x Dj Aquila x Amizio – Dont Worry

Released on the 3rd of May comes this all new ID by the Dj trio Neulows ft DJ Aquila & Amizio. It’s packed some very solid emotions and lyrics.

New Music : Master D – Northern Wind

Here’s a genre we don’t hear from Master D. It’s electronic, pensive and packed with samples of political news. Titled ‘Northern Wind’, this single was released late April.