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New Music : KAUDA ( කවුද ) – Freaky Mobbig ft. Dreamer

14th of May was when this single dropped by the rapper and producer Freaky Mobbig featuring a fresh name from the scene called Dreamer. Packed with strong lyrics for a

New Music : Ambroz – Wahilihiniyane (Official Music Video) ft. Dakum

Here’s a music video we missed out on reporting but it’s never too late. It’s Dj & Producer Ambroz like we’ve heard seen before. The single features Dakum on vocals

New Music : Homies Ft Junior Crysto X AKIIY & Ushey {SVANS MUSIC} [Official Music Video] #SRILANKA

Released on the 14th of the month, here’s a pretty sick collaba by Homies featuring Junior Crysto, Akiiy and Ushey. Catchy and just the good stuff, this bi-lingual offering is

New Music : අරගලයේ උදාන ගීය – නැගිටපන් යාළුවේ නැගිටපන් (Nagitapan Yaluwe Nagitapan)

Released on the 12th of May comes this all new song for the times we live in by various artists called ‘Nagitapan Yaluwe Nagitapan’.

New Music : Sossa Lean X AJ Leon – ” PRE ” [ Official Music Video 2022 | LMG ]

May has seen some very intresting new releases, this time around here’s a brand new collaba by fresh rappers Sossa Lean & AJ Leon titled ‘PRE’.

New Music : KVN J x Youngballer – Aren’t We All ? [Official Lyrics Video]

Released on the 15th of the month comes this all new single by KVN J & vocalist Youngballer. Realities, just different is what this collaba is about.

New Music : Charitha Attalage – Rahath Himiwarun රහත් හිමිවරුන් (VegaZ SL Bootleg)

It’s not everyday that you get to hear a remix of a Charitha Attalage track but when you do, it’s the good stuff. Here’s a remix of ‘Rahath Himiwarun’ by

New Music : Iris by Goo Goo Dolls | Cover by Ashen Dion

Ashen Dion is known in the scene as an actor and a pretty awesome singer. Come 2021, he’s back after a very successful blind audition / battle round on the

News : Unscripted Hit Number 1 With ‘Sunscreen’

2021 saw Unscripted come back with a brand new lineup after rapper KK left the band earlier during the year. ‘Sunscreen’ premiered sometime early April and as of last Thursday

New Music : We Are One – Mario Ananda & Alexis Ondaatje (World Equality Day Official Song)

Here’s a collaboration from Canada’s Alexis and Sri Lanka’s Mario Ananda for World Equality Day that fell on the 14th of April. Released yesterday, this song sure does come packed