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New Music : Stratovox – A Dream For the Day (ft River Lane)

The duo that are stratovox ae back, with this all new single that features the vocals of River Lane. Titled ‘A Dream For The Day’, this track was released on

Concert : The De Lanerolle Brothers From The Hilton Colombo

November 7th was when this concert by the De Lanerolle Brothers dropped. Packed with nostalgia and the sing alongs, this one is for the good times.

New Music : Kelwiz – Man Maarai 2 (Official Music Video)

Released on the 12th of the month comes this all new single by rapper Kelwiz. Released thru Serandip, this is nothing short of the realness you’d expect from this rapper!

New Music : embrace [Official Visualizer] | SHAVI

Haunting, dreamy and just the good stuff by singer Shavi. ’embrace’ was released on the 12th of November. Click here to check out the video

New Music : Jaya Shiva Shankara – MantraRock By Rahju

Released in August comes this all new single by a legend from the Rock Company days – Rahju from the Tapas Band. ‘Jaya Shiva Shankara’ is a much mellower offering,

New Music : Wicked Game – Chris Isaak | ROMAINE WILLIS Cover

Released a few months ago comes this hauntingly beautiful take of ‘Wicked Games’. Simple and piano driven, this take is a must check out!

New Music : The Dance Of The Ghosts ( හොල්මන් නාටකය ) – Methu Menuwara (Official Music Video)

It’s not everyday that you come across an orchestral composition by a 10 year-old, but here’s 10 year old Methu Menuwara’s original ‘The Dance Of The Ghosts’.

New Music : RECHY – Insomnia | ඉන්සොම්නියා (Official Audio)

Released on the 15th of the month comes this all new single by Rechy. I’s not everyday that you get to hear a bi-lingual drop by Rechy, but this is

Nadine – Secret Love Song ( cover)

Nadine is back after a hiatus with this incredible take of Little Mix’s single ‘Secret Love Song’. She is known for her single ‘The Way He Loves Me’, which was

Balanawanm Balapan To Release Something New This Friday!

Expect a mad mashup of sorts by the same duo who gave you more giggles than most. Don’t be surprised if you see them going with an all new name

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