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New Music : Karma – Pony Slaystation II (feat Prince Raji & Radiesha)

Released yesterday comes this all new single by Pony Slaystation II who in the recent past have had success with their single ‘Back When’, on the YES Home Grown Top

New Music : Krishan Perera | Re Thaniyen (රෑ තනියෙන්) | Official Music Video

Packed with the feels comes this all new single / music video by Krishan Perera, and it features his sweetheart, Sheshadrie Priyasad

New Music : Jadon Fonka – Wissai Wissai | ආනේ පුතේ මට Lockdown එපා වෙලා ආයේ

Now here’s something not a lot of people were expecting from producer Jadon Fonka. Known for his killer EDM efforts, this is the first time he is rapping, and ‘Wissai

New Music : Freedom SriLanka – Mario Ananda theme song

Released on the 4th of June comes this all new single by singer & performer Mario Ananda. Titled ‘Freedom Sri Lanka’, the single is a quintessential Mario offering.

New Music : Sithin Vitharak – cover by Dinesh Gamage @ Plain tea යයි සිංදු දෙකයි

The Plain tea යයි සිංදු දෙකයි are back with this all new take by singer & performer, Dinesh Gamage. Here’s ‘Sithin Vitharak’ like you’ve never heard before.

New Music : DOTDOTAY° – Welikada (වැලිකඩ) Live video

Dotdotay are back with this all new live series called කලෙක ගහපු sessions , and we’re lovin it! Their first release is called ‘Welikade’, and if you dig this, expect

“පාරාවී” Parawee | Kasun Sanjaya Ft FranKo | Official Music Video

Released on Friday is another single, this time around by Kasun Sanjaya featuring a fresh name from the scene, rapper FranKo.

Bala Mandala – Unconditional (Official Video)

Bala Mandala is a Lankan, German, American artist who’s debut single /video unconditional is nothing short of sonic genius. He’s already gotten a second single ‘Moonlight’ up for debut in

The High School Junkies Are Repping Lanka Again @ San Diego’s Comin Con!

2 years ago, they were the first short film crew that repped the island with their movie ‘Eidetic’, and yesterday they broke the news that they were doing this again.

Rolex Rasathy’s Newest Is The Bomb!

Singer Rolex Rasathy just dropped her newest single ‘Honestly’ and this single is all kinds of awesome! From the lyrics, production and delivery, this is the stuff great playlists are