Maranaya – “The Echoes Of කෙම්මුර” Demo Cassette Out Soon

Maranaya – “The Echoes Of කෙම්මුර” Demo Cassette Out Soon

It’s official! The මරණය (MARANAYA) – “The Echoes of කෙම්මුර” RK005 (Live Demo Cassettes) will be out in a few weeks time and stay subscribed to the Raavan Kommand / HDAP Operations page for more info. Here’s the track list & a small taster for now.

“The Echoes of කෙම්මුර”

කඩවර යැදුම i
වෙසමුණි වරම ii
මහසෝණ් දිෂ්ඨිය iii
ත්‍රස්තවාදය iiii
Total 19:23min

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