New Music : Rameesha | රමීෂා – GAYYA ft Vishak (Official Music Video)

Here’s an all new collaba that’s all kindsa rad! It’s Gayya featuring the frontman of Rebel Exodus – Vishak, and with the music production & mix by the equally prolific

New Music : JJ Twins – There For You (Official Lyric Video)

The twins that are Jason and Julian are back with another love song and this time around, its called ‘There For You’. The single had its radio premiere last night

New Music : Type 41 & Saphron – Moon Will Rise

Here’s an epic collaba by producer Type 41 featuring British / Lankan vocalist Saphron! Uplifting and just the good stuff, ‘Moon Will Rise’ is a must check out for fans

New Music : 2020 KID Official Music Video – Sarosh Shameel | Shameel J

And this kid right here is probably the youngest to be releasing an original Tamil music single from Sri Lanka this year. Meet 6 year old Sarosh Shameel and here’s

New Music : Jinna – Perapin Official Music Video 2023©

Here’s a release from the very cool artist that is Jinna! ‘Perapin’ that got out to the world a few days ago. Powerful visuals and equally powerful lyrics, see how

New Music : Shabdalogy – Spiral Of Good Dreams

There is an all new one man project from Sri Lanka and their name is Shabdalogy. This is their debut track that was released a few days ago titled ‘Spiral

New Music : Yuki Navaratne – Wisithuru Mal (Official Animation Video)

Trending at #2 on Youtube comes this all new single by the very talented Yuki Navaratne. Dreamy and packed with amazing feels, and a wholesome message is ‘Wisithuru Mal’.

New Music : Dhanthith Sri – Aprakashitha ( අප්‍රකාශිත ) Official Music Video | Album Rap Lanthaya

Packed with some very strong feels and man, here’s Dhanith Sri like you’ve seen or heard him before. With stellar visuals and a very strong single, this one is by

New Music : Mechanic, Furny Doo & Sehan Nides – Nodutuwa Perada (නොදුටුව පෙරදා) | Official Lyric Video

Released a few days ago comes this all new collaba by producer & dj Mechanic with his buddies Furny Doo & vocalist Sehan Nides. Packed with some very emotional moments

Podcasts : The Arc Fusion By N Marc

Its official, producer & Dj N Marc has an all new podcast series and here’s Arc Fusion’s first episode!